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MediBang Paint 9.0 Released by medibangadmin
Here's the download link.

Official site

Release notes




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Formerly CloudAlpaca

What is MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is a free digital painting and comic book creation software on Windows, Mac OSX and Android.

Software Details
  1. Unlimited cloud storage
  2. Customizable pens
  3. Tools for comic panel creation
  4. Guides for perspective or speed lines
  5. Pre made tones, patterns, and word balloons
  6. Can import sketches from the smartphone tablet app MangaName

The purpose of this community is to give users a place to share art and tips in tricks, ask questions and give feedback. If you have any tutorials or art please feel free to share them.

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nova-salt Featured By Owner Edited 19 hours ago  New Deviant
Sorry if this seems like a silly question (just upgraded to Medibang two days ago after using FireAlpaca for a few months), but I was wondering how to download these brushes.  I downloaded the latest version recently and still never found them, so how can I get these? I'm using the PC version.
Ferettoko Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
Pardon me, I'm in a way trying to "transition" to using medibangpaintpro from autodesk sketchbook (because with their new subscription model I doubt  that I will be about to use my retail version forever, and well I simply like comics :30

Anyway, I've made a few things with this program so far, and I'm getting fond. Only thing is that I really like the sketchbook pencil, so...does anyone know the custom settings to make the sk pencil in medibang?
obtusity Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
I find the standard Pencil brush is fairly close (testing with the free version of Sketchbook, Windows Store version, default pencil), but you might need to resize it to match your drawing size - I find I need anywhere between 2 and 10 pixels depending on image size.

Dropping the opacity a little makes it more similar - somewhere between 75 and 95, and adding some Correction (drop-down at the top of the canvas) - about 7.

However, they seem to use different pressure profiles, so you might not get the exact equivalent.

If you are happy with the pencil in the free Sketchbook version, you could also work with both programs - freehand pencil in the free version of Sketchbook, other brushes and features in MediBang Paint.
Ferettoko Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016
Thanks for replying and for the effort! And the thought of using both has occurred to me, one question: Which format am I supposed to save works in to be able to utilize the layers between the two programs?
obtusity Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
If you are going with the free version of Sketchbook, it might not have layers, in which case PNG might be the best format for a single-layer image with transparency. I was assuming a single sketch layer in Sketchbook and all the rest in MediBang paint, although after playing with the options (see earlier post) you might find that you are happy enough with the MediBang Paint pencil brush in which case you can work completely in MediBang Paint.

I think PSD is common to both programs and would be a better choice for multi-layer transfer.
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amsin-indigoswallow Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for letting me join!
Barnes-Daishaun15 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2016
I need help. I tried asking help from other digital artists and I get ignored by most artists that are out there. I thought that this group can be helpful enough to get me started on what I need to do. Can anyone teach me what should I do on what art program I'm wanting to use.

There should be a Full Complete Tutorial if there is any.

I just need help Getting Started, what should I do, which tools I need to use and how many layers do I need to make a full base form and coloring and cel shading my own Dragon Ball Z character.
obtusity Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2016
Here's a simple tutorial for an eye - simply apply the same principles and layers to your entire character:…

Here's a program guide that includes a colouring tutorial:
MediBang Paint Pro Tutorial

If you don't have a graphics tablet (a mouse replacement, a pen and a "tablet" that allows you to draw with a pen instead of with the half-a-brick-like mouse), or even if you do, read the three tutorials starting here: Tutorial for Line Art in Medibang Paint
obtusity Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2016
There is no "one correct answer" to most art questions.
I have seen an artist who works entirely on one layer, and others who use separate layers for everything (including each different colour). Both can create the sort of art you want.

However, a common setup for a lot of cartoon artwork is:
  • Line-art (inking) layer (done second, after the sketch layer)
  • Shading layer (done fourth), clipped to the flat colour layer below, and often using Multiply blending mode
  • Flat colour layer (done third)
  • Sketch layer (done first or using a scanned image from non-digital work), possibly set to draft. Hidden or deleted after the line art layer is completed.
  • One or more layers for a background (optional, but a nicer finish)

For cel-shaded cartoon art, you can probably do everything you want (ink, colour, and sharp-edged cel shading) using the standard Pen brush at different sizes, and maybe the Bucket fill tool for the flat colours (if all your flat colour areas are within closed lines, no gaps), although some artists like to paint flat colours by brush rather than using the Bucket fill tool.
Clipping means you can shade on that layer without going "outside the lines" of the colour areas on the layer beneath.
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